Wednesday – April 8, 2015

Posted: April 7, 2015 by CrossFit NE Georgia in Workouts
Emily clean and jerk
Metcon (Time)
Obstacle Course!
(The Remix)

Box Jumps
3 x 15″
3 x 20″
3 x 24″
3 x 30″

(Box Jumps/Step-Ups)
3 x 10″
3 x 15″
3 x 20″
3  x 24″

Clean & Jerk x 5 @ #155/#115

(Clean & Jerk x 5 @ #95/#65)

Plate Relocate #45/#35
(each person must shuttle 3 plates…one at a time to a marked area. Then shuttle all 3 plates back to the start)

(Plate Relocate #25/#15)

Sled Push
(Down & Back)

(Sled Push)
(no weight)

Rope Climbs x 3
(Start at the black rope closet to garage door (1)…then move to the middle rope (1)… and last climb the black rope closest to kids area (1)

(Modified Rope Climbs x 3)

Cone Suicide Shuttle Sprint

(Cone Suicide Shuttle Sprint)

Handstand Walk

(100m Overhead Plate Walk) 
(Go Heavy! Keep the arms locked out and core engaged) 
***Run the obstacle course 3 times.***

*Enter your best time.*


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