Monday – December 15, 2014

Posted: December 14, 2014 by CrossFit NE Georgia in Workouts
Warm Up Sets for Strength
5 reps @ 40%
5 reps @ 50%
5 reps @ 60%
Back Squat
5 reps @ 75%
3 reps @ 85%
1 rep @ 95%
Record your last rep @ 95%
Bear Complex
(7 sets for 5 Rounds)
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Second Push Press
Work to a MAX!
Start light and try to increase weight each round.***Rest at least 3-5 minutes beach each round***

Do NOT put the bar down once you start (except to add weight). You may hold the bar as long as you would like during the movement.


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