CrossFit with Swim Workouts

This page will present past and current swimming with CrossFit workouts. We are fortunate to have pull up bars on the pool deck at Brenau University. Remember you can substitute many exercises to compensate for what you do and do not have. Visit under the FAQ for a great list of substitutions. Feel free to contact me and I will add your favorite swim with CrossFit workout.

Swim Murph * scale pull ups, push ups, air squats as needed
800 swim , 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, 800 swim

Wall Ballin’
500 swim, 50 wall ball, 400 swim, 40 wall ball, 300 swim, 30 wall ball, 20o swim, 20 wall ball, 100 swim, 10 wall ball jh 29 :20 10/23/10

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, …1
Pull ups Walk Lunges Sit ups with Med ball Sprint 50 (odd free, even stroke other than free)

AMRAP 15 minutes
12 X Dips on bleachers or starting blocks Sprint 25 yards (IM Order) Walk Lunge 15 yards back, Bear Crawl next 15 yards back to pool end.

3 Rounds
200 swim
20 dumbbell push up with row L/ row R
15 KTE or V Ups

3 Rounds
200 swim
20 burpee pull ups

Partner Workout * no partner – do burpee by yourself. pair up swimmers by comparable speed.
50 free w 10 partner burpees (facing partner each swimmer does a burpee and high 5’s the other overhead).
50 free w 8 partner burpees
100 free w 6 partner burpees
100 free w 4 partner burpees
200 free w 2 partner burpees

3 Rounds of:
100 FREE 5 squats, 5 diamond push ups Plus 50 FREE 10 squats, 10 hands outside shoulders (wide) push ups = 1 Round

Swim 25,50,75,100,125,150 (start at end where pull up bar is located)
5 pull ups on even rounds (50,100, 150) , Plus 5 KTE (knees to elbows)
10 mule kicks, 10 sit ups at opposite end of pool.

Swim “Angie”
400 or 300 or 200 swim * based on level
100 pull ups 100 push ups 100 air squats 100 sit ups
200 or 150 or 100 swim * based on level

WOD: Ladder
25 10 push ups 10 sit ups 10 air squats
50 8 8 8
75 6 6 6
100 4 4 4
75 6 6 6
50 8 8 8
25 10 10 10

5 Rounds For Time
20 sec L sit (use bleachers or bench on deck)
20 air squats
15 push ups
10 pull ups *no pull up bar – alternate narrow and wide stance push ups.
Swim 150 *scale swim to 100 for beginners

Side Planks L/R on kickboard :30 R side, palm on head, elbow pointed to ceiling (use kickboard for support under elbow on deck) Then sprint 25 kick with your board and get out and hold plank :30 L side. X 8 rounds.

“Kelly” Swimming Warm up – hard rubber ball toss to lane members while treading water for :30 then sprint 50 return without touching the wall – repeat tread water while tossing the ball > sprint for 5 Rounds. * no partner – tread water w hands up for :30 then sprint.

5 Rounds for time
100 swim
30 step ups plyo box /starting block/ bleacher or bench
30 Mtn climbers every 5th mtn climber 1 push up *best to wear old shoes for the mtn climbers on deck or water shoes or your Vibram 5″s.

Swim w Balling for time.(#20/#12)

Wall Ball 30, swim 50
Wall Ball 25, swim 100
Wall Ball 20, swim 150
Wall Ball 10, swim 200

3 Rounds for time. Bring your set of dumb bells to the pool.

150 Free then dumb bell snatch L arm 15, R arm 15, 30 ab mat sit ups, :30 of max pull ups (push ups if no bar)
100 Free then … “
50 Free then… “

200 Ladder
200 free * odd lengths swim w fists, even lengths head up like Tarzan then > 20 X **air squats, 20 X dips (bleachers, blocks,), 20 X V ups
150 sprint > then 15 …squats, dips, v ups
100 free * odd fists, even Tarzan, then 10 squats, dips, v ups
50 sprint > then 5 squats, dips, v ups

10 minutes as many 25’s as you can
sprint 25 get up and out do 1 push up

8 rounds of:
swim 25 any stroke other than free, 25 free back = 50
30 air squats, 20 sit sit ups, 10 burpees

Use the Pace Clock – max number of swings and for time.
5 Rounds
:45 of kettlebell swings or dumbbell swings for max swings
swim 100

3 Rounds for Time
300 swim
30 X 1 arm dumbbell thrusters (15 R/ 15 L) #35
30 X 1 arm push up and row (15 X R / 15 L) #35
30 X dumbbell swings (like kettlebell swings) #35 jh 7/2011 24:08

Swim “Jackie”
Swim 1000 yards
50 Thrusters (#45)
30 Pull Ups (no pull up bar – sub chest to floor push ups) JH 19:10

Swim Cindy AMRAP in 30 minutes (total your rounds) of:
swim 100 yards
5 pull ups * no pull up bar? Sub deep end in the water muscle ups, weight your ankles if you can.
10 push ups
15 air squats JH 12 Rounds

Swim Cindy
On the 2 minutes, every 2 minutes. For 15 rounds or 3o minutes.
Swim 50 *, 5 pull ups **, 10 push ups, 15 air squats.
* IM order (Fly, Back, Breast, Free)
** if your pool has no pull up bars, complete 6 deep end muscle ups or press outs from deep water with hands on the bulk head, lock out elbows for full extension.

21-18-15-9-6-3 of: 100 swim, dumbbell power cleans, pull ups, V ups, dumbbell dead lifts. (#40/#30 ) JH 30:01 *swim the 100 after each round, start with 100 swim =7 swims .

5 Rounds for time
Swim 150 free * no pool then run 400 each round
25 X (#45) Kettlebell swings
15 X L arm dumbell snatch (#25)
15 X R arm dumbbell snatch (#25) 24:09 JH

One Time Through for Time:
partition the exercises any way you want. Swim in any order, mix up swims and tasks as you desire. Do not break up the 200’s – once you start your 200 free, finish the 200 free before moving on to something else. Just get it done with good form.
50 pull ups * no pull up bar? – sub deep end muscle ups.
60 push ups
70 dips
80 air squats
200 IM (fly, back, breast, free)
200 Free
200 Kick
200 Pull
200 Stroke – no free, choice * times ranged from 25:30 to 32:00

5 Rounds for time:
5 pull ups (sub deep end muscle ups)
10 push ups
15 wall ball (#20/#12)
200 swim

For time. One time through.
300 swim
30 push ups
30 sit ups
30 dips
300 swim.

Swim 50  (as many deep water press outs from bulk head until 1 min) R: 15  X 4 Rounds. ez 50.
Swim 100 I.M (as many V ups until 2 min) X 4 Rounds then ez 50.
Swim 200 Free (as many Dumbbell Thrusters as you can unitl 3:15) X 2 Rounds then ez 50.
Swim 500 Free and 50 Kettle Bell Swings for time

Every 2 minutes complete the following for 6 Rounds or 12 minutes.
50 yard sprint
5 pull ups or sub 7 press outs from bulk head
in the remaining time until 7 min complete as many burpees as you can. Total the number of burpees for all rounds.

30 pull ups (deep water muscle ups as sub)
100 free
30 dips (use starting blocks or bleachers)
100 free
30 push ups
100 free
30 air squats
100 free
:30 plank hold L; :30 plank hold R
swim 100
:30 handstand hold
swim 100

10, 9, 8, 7….1
Swim 50  odd (9,7,5,3,1),  swim L arm only down 25, swim R arm back 25 on even (10,8,6,4,2).
Pull ups, Air Squats, Kick outs (double leg mountain climber to back extension hold), Sit Ups.

4 Rounds for time of:  15 wall ball (#20/#12), 15 Sit ups w Dynamax Ball (Overhead to between legs), 15 push ups hands on Dynamax ball, Swim 100 yards.

For Time
200 swim –  heads up (Tarzan) backstroke flag to flag, no wall turn, no touching bottom.
20 push ups, 20 air squats
150  swim –  scull flag  (head up, hands do not go outside of shoulders)  to flag, no wall turn, ….
15 push ups, 15 air squats
100 swim  – on back dolphin kick flag to flag, no wall turn….
10 push ups, 10 air squats

8 Rounds for Time:

ODD  Rounds> 25 swim, get up and out,  10 walk lunges, 2 leg hops –  down the side deck 25 yards back to start
EVEN Rounds >25 fly, get up and out, 10 walk lunges , ninja jumps  (jump 180, land softly with knees bent and hips low) –  down the side deck 25 yards back to start

1  X  50 swim
2 X  Pull ups   (sub press outs on bulk head or deck, high elbow press out to arms locked out)
3  X  Overhead squats  (PVC or scale Oly Bar as appropriate)
4 X  Walk lunges with bar or pole behind neck
5 X  Burpees – jump over bar
6 X  Sit Ups
7 X Push ups on bar or strict hand release push ups on deck.


20 Prisoner Squats
50 Free  – 30 Jump to 12” target above your reach
100 Free  – 20 jumps
150 Free   –  10 jumps
20 Prisoner Squats

For Time
200 swim – 1 min R 
1 min max pull ups – 1 min R    * sub press outs from pool or ground to overhead with something heavy
200 swim – 1 min R
1 min max reps wall ball (#20/#12) – 1 min R
200 swim – 1 min R
1 min max push ups (hand release) – 1 min R
200 swim
1 min max sit up and toss wall ball to wall – 1 min R
200 swim

For Time: 10,9,8.7,…1  of
KettleBell swings (#53/#35)
Burpee to KettleBell and then take KettleBell from ground to overhead
Goblet Squats w KettleBell
Swim 100 after each round.

JH 31:00

AMRAP for 10 MIN
Swim 25, 5 push ups
Swim 25, 5 pull ups or deep water press outs.

For Time. Use pace clock to time 1 min intervals. Get up and get out of water. I loaded a #75 Oly bar for the deck of the pool for all tasks. Scale as necessary. Sub dumbbells  (#40/#25)
150 swim
1 min max reps push press
150 swim
1 min max reps summo dead lift high pull
150 swim
1 min max reps barbell roll outs
150 swim
1 min max reps power cleans from the ground
150 swim
1 min max reps of back squats
150 swim

JH 21:10

5 Rounds for time 
Start holding on wall and kick for :20 hard. Swim 50. Return to wall and kick hard for :20. Get up and out on deck. Complete 10 air squats, 10 burpees, 10 V ups.

Weight Plate Workout. 

Warm Up  200 swim, 150 pull, 100 kick
6 X 75’s   L arm 25, R arm 25, Swim 25   R:10

24 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) With a weight plate (#15/#15/#35) for all exercises on deck and 100 swim. 

100 Swim
6 reps each of the following:
Overhead plate lunges
Overhead squats with plate
Weight Plate swings from between legs to overhead (like kettlebell swings)
Bent over rows with plate
Reverse lunge with twist. Lunge back with L leg and twist R with plate.
Wood chops with plate. 3 L and 3 R.  Start from ankle and bring plate up and over R shoulder to full extension.

JH  7 rounds.

Swim Gone Bad
We brought our #75 loaded Olympic Bars and #20 wall ball to the pool deck for the following:
5 rounds for time >
Swim 150
20 x wall ball
20 x Summo Dead Lift High Pulls   (wide grip)
20 x push press
Rest 1 min between each round
JH 30;15 w rest

5 Rounds for Time
Swim 50
5 press outs from deep end  (hands on bulk head, try and keep elbows above hands, raise body up and out of pool to locked elbows)
5 V ups (use a kick board for comfort on deck)
5 L Pull Ups (sub 15 push ups alternating narrow hands – diamond to wide hands each push up)
5 wall climbs (start in plank with feet on wall, walk hands and feet up wall to straight back, walk back down wall to plank and stand = 1 rep

CF w Swim   3 Rounds  (bring your Olympic Bar and weights to the pool deck – sub #50 dumbbells)
Swim 400   1 complex of 5 DL, 3 power cleans, 1 push press (#115)
Swim 200   3 complex
Swim 100   5 complex
JH  14:20

Warm Up
400 every 4th lap swim w fists.
200 pull negative split
100 kick (700 yards)

Set 1: No wall 50’s with 6 press outs on the 1:15 X 6 (300 yards)
Set 2: 6 Rounds (750 yards)
Swim 125 10 pushups
Swim 125 20 burpee to Dynamax ball and overhead

Set 3: 50’s on the 2 min complete as many reps as possible of: (400 yards) *total up all reps for 8 rounds
2 Rounds of swim 50 – pull ups – leave on the 2 min
2 Rounds of swim 50 – wall ball
2 Rounds of swim 50 – slam ball
2 rounds of swim 50 – sit up and toss

500 swim 50 Thrusters #45
400 swim 40 Kbell swings #53
300 swim 30 SDLHP #45
200 swim 20 pull ups * sub hand release push ups
100 swim 10 hang knees to elbows * sub V Ups or Hollow Rocks

Bring dumbbells to deck (I used #35)
5 Rounds for time *jh 20:15
Swim 150 (first 50 head up like Tarzan)
Dumbbell Squat Cleans X 8 (#35)
Push press X 10 (#35 dbells)
V Ups X 12

More Dumbbells… 5 Rounds for time (#45/#25)
100 Free (1,3,5) 100 I.M (2,4)
10 swings (single dbell)
5 Hang Power Cleans (dbells)
5 Front Squats (dbells)
5 L arm Dbell snatch  (single dbell)
5 R arm Dbell snatch (single dbell)

300 broken at the 50
50 Fly – 20 push ups
50 Back – 20 V ups (use kick boards to support rear)
50 Breast – 20 burpees
50 Free – 20 Deep end Press outs  (or pull ups – if your pool has a bar)
50 Kick on back  – 20 Air squats
50 Feet First – 20 Dips (from bleachers or starting block)

From the Block – FAST 50’s    For Time: 
50 swim from the blocks – fast    10 burpee pull ups.  (no pull up bar? sub  3 pushups with every burpee!).
50 from the block – fast – 8 burpee pull ups.
50 from the block – fast – 6 burpee pull ups.
50 from the block – fast – 4 burpee pull ups.
50 from the block – fast – 2 burpee pull ups.
50 from the block – fast !

Long Workout – pre-season conditioning
Rounds for time:
Run 1200, swim 300, 8 pull ups, 10 burpees, 12 step ups – 6 each leg (24″ box or bleacher or starting block) w dumbbell (#25/#45) and press overhead at top of box, 15 dumbbell swings, 18 sit ups.

  1. I love the plan that you made. I am actually customizing different workouts for may daily routine. Thanks for this, I will surely keep a record of this.

  2. I love swimming! These sets of swimming workouts are great. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is good stuff. I’m a masters swimmer and my kiddos swim too. Have c’fit for over 2 years and follow CFE and MacKenzie. Quick question – do you find the murph and high pull up WODs stress shoulders (especially with Kipping?) alongside a long course swim workout?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi i was wondering you could explain how exactly you sub pull ups in the deep end and do muscle ups… i’m assuming it’s something like exploding out of the water using your arms…

  5. John says:

    Here’s what i do.
    The 100 challenge:
    25 sit ups on edge of pool.
    25 yard sprint swim to other end of pool
    25 push ups on edge of pool
    25 yard sprint swim back to other end of pool.
    Do this as many times as you can in
    25 minutes!
    Here are the rules:
    lean all the way back and sit all the way up for sit-ups to count.
    back and butt flat, must touch chest to ground and fully extend arms for push ups to count.
    1 lap= to end of pool and back.

    Let me know how many you can do!

  6. Great ideas for Swimming Workouts! I will use some of these in my personal workout routines.

  7. Jesse says:

    Anyone have times to post? Just did the swim Murph in 56:30. Very different from a regular Murph though, since my 800 swim time is nowhere near (actually double) my mile run time. This makes it more of an endurance and less of a sprint workout. John, I may have to try your challenge next

  8. Edison says:

    This is exactly the 2nd posting, of your blog I actually browsed.
    But I like this 1, “CrossFit with Swim Workouts | CROSSFIT” the
    best. Thank you ,Annmarie

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is a great resource!

    You can tell the people programming these WODs have experience coaching swimmers. For instance, including some IM order elements, and head up freestyle make these workouts less monotonous. Good job!

    Some of these, I would recommend my swimmers doing, especially the partner burpees, and the kettlebell+swim combos. Problem is that competitive swimmers are so perpetually close to burnout, that you don’t want to overload their muscles, however some of these don’t wear you out as much and you can get a good workout. Others, I would do myself. I particularly like the 30 body weights + 100m free combos.

  10. Espadon says:

    Thank you for all this Wod’s ! i will try to do it in the mediteranean sea’s this summer , from a ” crossfiter from Algeria”

  11. Mukund says:

    Thank you for these resources. Helps my workouts a lot, especially given the time I typically have to do them.

  12. Darell says:

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